"The Clarkson Brothers are excellent builders and I would recommend them to anyone that has an eye for detail and expects building projects to be delivered on time and on budget. We employed Dave and John to manage our house renovation in 2007. They were not the cheapest builder who quoted for our re-development but they were by far the most prepared and professional. Their quote was detailed and left no margin for error. We desired precision and quality for our house and we got it. When you undertake a large redevelopment, in our case 11,000 sq ft, you need professionalism and honesty.

Yes we amended our plans along the way and yes there were a few surprises but never were we kept in the dark and most importantly we were always given solutions rather than problems. I would employ them again and I have no reservation what so ever in recommending them to my friends and family."

Fiona Hathorn

Managing Director, WOB UK Ltd

"I have known Clarkson Builders since 1995, and have worked with them on both residential and commercial projects.

As contractors, they have consistently shown themselves to be skilled and well organised across a wide spectrum of specifications, while their experienced team is one that can be relied upon to produce a high standard of workmanship, at the same time as knowing how to conduct themselves professionally on site.

John and David Clarkson are extremely experienced in their field, have excellent communication skills and are used to working with established architects and interior designers. I always appreciate the courtesy with which they approach my clients, which invariably makes them my first choice when considering contractors."

Robert Carslaw

Robert Carslaw Interior Design & Decoration

"We have worked with Clarkson Builders on projects of various sizes and degrees of complexity over the past 17 years. John and Dave Clarkson are a pleasure to work with and it is a tribute to them that they have managed to retain the core members of their work force over this period.

Their quality of workmanship on site is consistently high and their back office administration very efficient ensuring a high degree of client satisfaction with the process and the end product."

Dominic Warren

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"Over the last twelve years or more Clarkson Builders have risen successfully to all the challenges we have thrown at them.. What more can you ask of a good contractor?"

Jonathan Reed

Studio Reed

"I would unhesitatingly recommend Clarkson builders. Over the last 18 years, John and David and their team have refurbished three large London houses for us. They and their team, are an absolute pleasure to work with -  scrupulously honest, well-organised, polite, punctual, efficient and they have  a tremendous pride in their work. 

Most recently, they installed some very sophisticated John Cullen lighting, took down ceilings, rebuilt the kitchen, built cupboards, restored the sash windows, sorted the erratic heating system, sanded some floors, re-carpeted others, installed wifi and an AV system, painted everything beautifully, plus about a hundred other repairs and improvements.  The results were immaculate. 

John, David and the team always give the impression that nothing is too much trouble. When problems arose they found solutions with good grace, and never complained when I added to their workload with new requests. 

A sign of their professionalism is that on the last day of the job, the snag list was completed in only half a day as everything else had already been sorted out.  They always took the initiative to get things right. For example, our new kitchen cupboard door had a slight twist in the wood and didn't close properly; before I had even noticed, the Clarksons took it away and replaced it.

It is a happy, well-organised company, and I am not surprised that many of their men stay with them for years. It is reassuring that they also have long term relationships with most of their outside contractors (many of the regular men and contractors remembered my six foot student offspring as toddlers!) 

I wish them well and would certainly come back to them for any future project. 

Georgia and Nicholas Coleridge 



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